Ready for kick off?

July 2020

Wow what an interesting time for sport! With things slowly getting back to normal football, soccer and other winter sports are starting up again. Many kids will be keen to get back to sport – but first, they need the right gear in the right fit!

If you’re kicking off boots that no longer fit, you can get great quality boots in our store for as little as $15, AND give your old boots a new life. There’s no need for them to go to waste!

During COVID we’ve seen the community pull together. Now, we’re reaching out to our Play it On community to help everyone play on by organising a collection at your sport club or school.

Boots and other gear you donate will be cleaned up and made available in our store at a great price, so everyone can afford to kick on. Plus, profits we make will go towards establishing a grant program to help disadvantaged kids pay sport club fees.

How it works

  1. We drop off collection boxes to your club.
  2. Your club tells its members all about it – it’s easy using the email and social media templates we provide.
  3. Play it On picks up the donated gear at an agreed time.
  4. Goods are cleaned and quality checked, then sold at a price everyone can afford at; OR we can run a stall at your club.


Send me an email and we’ll be in touch to organise your donation drive.

Being unable to play club sport has been a setback, but also reminded me of the value of sport in everyone’s lives. Any help and contributions that you or your club give to this would be HUGELY appreciated.

Theresa x

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