Fix & Load is an 10 week program for young people with Autism to develop work ready skills in a live hands-on environment. This course will build on the participants interpersonal and social skills while learning work ready skills such as working co-operatively in teams, seeing a task through, and problem solving.

Participants will work in small teams of 6 with 2 youth support workers. Each session will be 3 hours including a snack break and a recreation break if they are interested.

Each week participants will;

  • Clean equipment that has been donated
  • Fix equipment with small repair work
  • Photograph equipment in our studio space
  • Load items into the inventory system 

Participants will get a chance to try each task and practise the one they are most comfortable  with according to their capabilities.

They will also learn about:

Skill development;

  • Photography and lighting
  • Square application – inventory systems
  • E-commerce sales online WordPress and internet upload
  • Sales order processing
  • Stock preparation
  • Problem solving fixing items
  • Recycling and upcycling
  • Sales and customer service 

Participants will also have a graduation at the end of the course and discuss future pathways for volunteering, study or employment.

This program is free and funded through the Department of Human Services through Grants SA.

For registration:

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