Sports Club Fees Subsidies

Play it On provides a $100 subsidy grant to children and young people under 18 years old whose families experience financial hardship and their child would not be able to play otherwise. The sporting club they want to play with will receive the grant after the application is approved. 

See the Guidelines for more information then complete the online form or email for more information

Play it On Sporting Club Fees Subsidies

Play it On is a social enterprise that helps children from families in need, to participate in their chosen sport. We do this through the sale of affordable clothing boots and equipment and through subsidizing their sporting club fees.

Our vision is that all South Australian children should be able to play the sport of their choice regardless of their financial situation.

The purpose of the subsidies is to enable children and young people under 18 years assistance with sporting club fees associated with joining a club eg, membership and registration fees. The subsidy reduces the cost of joining for players who find the cost a barrier to participation.

Subsidy Grant

We want to support families that have gone through challenging circumstances and have limited funds. We can supply subsidies for sporting club fees to assist with the costs and enable children to play their chosen sport who otherwise may not be able to play. A subsidy amount of $100 can be supplied directly to the sporting club once the application has been approved.

Eligible players

The criteria that needs to be met include;

  • The player must be under 18 years of age
  • Families are currently in receipt of a government issued Health Care Card (this may not always be the case dependent on the circumstances, you will need to provide a short reason to
  • Families are receiving Centrelink benefits as their main source of income
  • Without the subsidy the applicant will not be able to play sport
  • The sports club must complete the form in conjunction with the child/young person and with acknowledgement from the parent/guardian


Clubs will need to ;

  • Fill out the application form or email for the form to be emailed
  • Accept the funding via Electronic Funds Transfer to contribute to registration fees
  • Encourage Families to support their child by attending matches
  • Encourage family members to contribute to volunteer duties within the clubs
  • Send a photo of the player to Play it On
  • Send a quote from the player outlining what being able to play sport means to them Play it On