Play it On is a social enterprise that provides funding to assist children from families that are financially challenged, to participate in their chosen sport. 

Our vision:

Australian children have the opportunity to play sport regardless of their financial situation

Unfortunately in Australia some families struggle to find the money to pay for their kids sporting club fees. At Play it On we don’t think any kids should have to miss out and we believe the Play it On model will help to address this. 

We collect unwanted sports gear, rejuvenate it and sell it online, the profits raised will create a fund for children who can’t afford to pay sporting club fees.

Half the amount of kids in lower socio-economic areas participate in sport compared to participation rates of kids in other areas and this is primarily due to finances. 

We are also grateful to the sports associations, clubs, teams, businesses and shops who have donated sports gear, end of run clothes and footwear for Play it On to sell.